Website Setup

Setup your website with a specialist in 3 simple fast steps. And if you don’t own your domain just yet follow these tips and tricks that will help you get moving in the right direction.

Setting up a website using Fectiv is simple and fast. In Step 1 add a domain. In Step 2 select a design and connect with your specialist for any last minute questions. And in Step 3 we’ll finish setup. It’s that simple.

Domain Registration

Your domain is important intellectual property you need to own. So, we’re here to help you register that perfect domain name.

We’ve curated handy tips and you’ll find links that will assist in finding the best registrar.

Avoid dashes in your domain

To support referrals.

Don't buy hosting or email

They come with your website.

Avoid up-sell options.

Unless carefully considered.

Register for 3-5 years.

To minimize ongoing management.

Select auto-renew.

To maintain your website’s up-time.

We’re here to help

Get support for all Fectiv products or connect with a Fectiv specialist.