Email Setup 

Learn how to setup X2 branded emails faster.

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How it works

Tell us the branded emails you need using a form, receive email settings and helpful guides for device installation.

Step 1 – Form

Tell us which emails you need using a fast simple form. Then our specialists can get to work.

Step 2 – Install

Finish with easy to follow video installation guides for your devices. Mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Step 1 – Domain

In Step 1 add your registered domain and if you don’t own a domain just yet get helpful tips before registering.

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Step 2 – Device

In Step 2 select the device you want to receive emails on, complete a short online form and then say hello to your specialist. 

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Step 3 – Specialist

In Step 3 receive email settings and then your specialist will provide a video guide for installing emails into your device.