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Fectiv Partner – Fectiv’s Affiliate Program

Join Fectiv Partner program for high-paying affiliate commissions on site builder recommendations. Partners earn 30% commission using affiliate links with an easy product line-up and first-class creatives for monetizing audiences.

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Share your affiliate link, earn from user purchases.


Earn 30% commission on website set up fees.

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Incase you're asking...

How does the program work?

Share your unique affiliate link and receive a commission on Fectiv product set up prices. Learn more

How much can I earn as a partner?

There is no limit to affiliate earnings. The more leads sent, the more commissions earned. Learn more

How are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid via affiliate networks. You must have an active account in order to receive payments.

When are affiliates paid?

Generally, affiliate networks pay out affiliates each month for the previous month’s transactions.

Recommend Fectiv.

Earn commissions.

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  Copyright © 2024 Fectiv. All rights reserved.
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