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Use this image for Website Max that helps business owners own a website design with more pages. This image will get attention and generate further interest in your post content. 

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Website Max has more built-in. With a service section on the homepage plus additional deeper pages that can help your customers learn more. So, with Website Max, you can create as many pages as you want. So let’s say of you have many prodcuts you want to show you can do that in different pages – this helps with search.

WordPress powers this design so you can update this content anytime – thats something very valuable for businesses that grow over-time. Additional to content growth and changes a business might want to add ecommerce into their business strategy so the ability to add ecommerce comes free also with Fectiv Max. This is through the use of the free WooCommerce plugin.

In general, using a website allows business owners to scale their business much more than any other type of website with lower overheads. It’s the initial setup of a website is what’s difficult and procey but thanks to Fectiv you can own professional website like this for much less.

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