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Blog posts keeps your audience up-to-date and can position you as the ultimate expert in your given industry. If you have a lot of content to share with your audience this website can be useful. It’s got a professional news feed that streams down the homepage, so your audience is instantly up-to-date with your content.

Blog Edition also takes full advantage of the latest features in WordPress editing tools. It provides you with the extra deeper pages you would find in Website Max and added to this you can add unlimited blog posts.

You can use blog posts to show off your latest project photos or inform your audience of something new in your industry. I think most business owners like people in contruction can use this to show off their latest project or for instance a personal trainer cna add their latest exercise routine or show off their latest client and the exercise routine they have done recently. So there are many use cases for blog posts. 

Additionally, for business owners who want to keep the option of adding ecommerce in the future Blog Edition gives that ability to scale later into a store too. So, put simply, Blog Edition with Fectiv is the perfect solution for growing businesses with big content.


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