Full Video Intro

Product Logo – Graphic – Design Intro – Design Sequence

This is the full video where the user experiences the Fectiv brand and 3 designs. From the Fectiv Website product to a design animation sequence – this is everything you’ll need. 

Brand Only Sneak Preview

Product Logo – Graphic

This video displays the Fectiv Brand to help introduce your audience to Fectiv branding. 

Brand & Design Sneak Preview

Product Logo – Graphic – Design Intro

This video outlines both the Fectiv Website product branding together with the 3 designs available for use.

Design Only Video

Design Sequence

Explore the three stunning designs available for use. Laser-focused on design, this video introduces them in an eye-catching manner.


Fectiv Homepage

Full Page – Scroll

Help your audience effortlessly switch from your content to Fectiv. This homepage preview familiarizes users with – helping to start the buying decision process.

Fectiv Website

Fectiv Website Product Page – Part Page Scroll

Focusing on our core sales page helps your audience seamlessaly transition from your content to ours. This can help your leads decision making process.

Fectiv Email

Fectiv Email Product Page – Part Page Scroll

Tailored for business owners who prioritize professionalism, a branded email builds trust with clients taking a business online presence even further. 

Fectiv Bundle

Fectiv Bundle Product Page – Part Page Scroll

This package helps a business to optimize their online presence with simplicity. A single subscription unlocks maximum benefits. It’s Fectiv Website and Fectiv Email. For less.

Fectiv Support

Fectiv Support Product Page – Part Page Scroll

After setup support is a key feature in the Fectiv product. Every business owner needs to understand that their website upkeep is important. Fectiv not only provides hosting but ongoing support. It’s found at Fectiv Support with simple to use tools and specialist help.


3 Steps Preview

Fectiv Platform – Step 1 – Step 2 – Step 3

Discover a simple, clean, and fast interface designed to save time, enhance organization, and connect users efficiently with specialists for website and email setup. In 3 steps.


Website Mini

Fectiv Website Mini – Homepage Scroll

Ideal for minimal content with impactful messaging. The full-screen homepage image captivates, and easy navigation ensures search engine visibility and client interaction.

Website Max

Fectiv Website Max – Homepage Scroll

Expand your business presence. With additional pages, including three main services listed on the long homepage, Website Max accommodates comprehensive information. Plus, it seamlessly integrates e-commerce capabilities.

Blog Edition

Blog Edition – Homepage Scroll

Blog Edition helps users with extra content share their information with an awesone news feed that streams down the homepage. It takes full advantage of WordPress with extra pages and unlimited blog posts. Together with the ability to scale with Ecommerce it’s the perfect solution for big business with big content.

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  Copyright © 2024 Fectiv. All rights reserved.
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