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Email Services

1. Email Individual Package
Need a branded email setup? Receive passwords and you install into your device. 

1-Month Free and then $7.99/m 

2. Email Troubleshoot
Email not working? Get new passwords, then you install into your device.

$19 Service Fee 

Website Services

1. Security Update
Update WordPress, plugins, site theme and set a new password.

$29 Service Fee  

2. Login Support
Can’t log in? A freelance specialist will re-gain access for you.

$29 Service Fee 

3. Website Hacked
A freelance specialist will scan, and remove hacked files (if red screen submit site to Google).

$59 Service Fee

4. Modify Colors
Send new colors and have colors changed in any part of your website.

$39 Service Fee 

5. Update Content
Send text and photos for a freelance specialist to update.

$19 Per Page

6. Ecommerce
Enabling ecommerce, adding a product or updating store settings?

Need help with your WooCommerce store? Contact a WooExpert for professional support here

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