Our mission at Fectiv is to

provide fast, simple websites.

Our mission at Fectiv is to provide fast, simple websites.

2001 - 2010

DIY Tool

In 2001 Fectiv pioneered website development with a DIY tool helping small businesses with a limited budget own a website for the very first time. Despite its user-friendly tools, websites lacked professional quality. During this experience Fectiv recognized that their users, despite ease in use are simply not designers, they’re business people.

2010 - 2020

Professional Design

Fectiv shifted its focus to consulting on better website design from 2010 to 2020. Highly focused on WordPress website design. This involved consultations and building from scratch. However, high costs in the customization process made the product inaccessible to smaller businesses. 

2020 - Today


Now, as of 2020, Fectiv has merged both experiences (DIY and the professional design process) to create a platform connecting business owners with specialists, making it easy to obtain a professional-grade website in just 3 steps. For any sized business.

A talented team laser focused on delivering the very best product for our customers.

Our customers are business owners who want the very best website available.

We’ve focused on WordPress.org coded sites giving them the best opportunity to grow and scale. Something that’s future proof. From our twenty years of experience business owners want a fast setup experience, a site that’s simple to navigate and something that is low cost to setup. Ontop of that they want to make sure that they know after setup someone’s got their back. This is in terms of updates, security and general support. So the Fectiv team are truly laser focused on these concerns each and every day.

Our team of specialists, developers and affiliates work together with a shared accomplishment approach that delivers this fast, simple and low cost experience for our customers.

Savas Vavayis, Fectiv Director

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