Fectiv vs Freelance Platforms

Discover the powerful differences that set Fectiv apart.

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Sifting through bids and profiles on freelance platforms can be time-consuming. Fectiv has a specialist ready to be assigned for website set up and that saves time.


Customers need to negotiate through multiple competing quotes on freelance platforms with designers. With Fectiv?  Customers can choose from Fectiv’s 2 subscription options: Website or Bundle. Cancel anytime.


Freelance platforms can be challenging to navigate since they utilize a standardized system to meet the needs of various different services. Fectiv is just one platform laser focused on helping customers set up websites quickly and easily.


You must negotiate setup costs, manage hosting and upkeep costs seperately yourself. Fectiv offers a fixed price for setup which includes site hosting and free site update guides.

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  Copyright © 2024 Fectiv. All rights reserved.
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