Fectiv vs DIY Site Builders

Discover the power of choosing Fectiv over DIY processes.

With Fectiv setup is taken care of, providing unparalleled advantages. And more. 


Site Builders expect you to “do-it-yourself”, where business owners become website designers. Fectiv has specialists who setup the website for you, so business owners don’t have to become website designers.


Choosing a design from the overwhelming array of options provided by site builders can be daunting. With Fectiv? Choose from three designs, each covering a wide range of business needs. Simple.


Setting up a website with DIY site builders is a process. It requires time to learn new systems and about graphic design, and then allocate time to set up the website themselves. With Fectiv? In 3 steps a Fectiv Specialist gets working, saving business owners valuable time.


Site Builders prices vary because they escalate when you add more features. Fectiv is low cost and you can add more free features with WordPress.org

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  Copyright © 2024 Fectiv. All rights reserved.
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