Fectiv Platform Review

Website Setup in 3, 2, 1.

Complexity to Simplicity

Building a website can be a complex process.

The standard process of a website setup involves domain registration, selecting the right hosting package, choosing the appropriate platform for your website, curating designs that suit business needs, and deciding whether to become a designer to save money (using a DIY Tool) or to hire a designer to build from scratch (using a Freelance Platform).

For business owners who already have many demands on their time, building a website can be a time-consuming process. Fectiv studies these complex processes in detail with the goal of simplifying them for business owners.

With the aid of Fectiv Specialists and an efficient three-step platform, Fectiv provides a professional service that streamlines website creation from start to finish. Covering pre-setup, after setup, and all the stages in between, the process is efficient, straightforward, and cost-effective.

Fectiv offers a unique solution to building a website. And its mission is just as unique – to provide fast, simple websites.

Step 1 – Add a domain

To start, add a domain name for the project. If you don’t own your domain your specialist will provide you with additional help during website setup.

Step 2 – Select a design

Preview and then select a design you like. After that a specialist will be assigned in 24 hours where you can ask any final questions before setup begins.

Step 3 – Setup with a specialist

A specialist will get started by installing your design into a hosting space and provide you with a form where you can send all your content. Once you have sent your content your specialist will finish customizing your design.

Have a question?

Ask any questions along the way. You can contact Fectiv Support anytime. Fill in a short form with your questions and our specialists will get back to you via email.

Quick Summary

With Fectiv, there’s no complicated set up process.

Complete 3 simple fast steps, and your business information gets set up into your website.

A specialist will have your new website set up in a snap. And after set up if you have any questions or need help, support is always just a click away.

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