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The Website Redesign is for existing Fectiv Website customers ready for a fresh new design.

If your old website was setup by a previous website designer, we recommend you setup a new website with Fectiv, then copy your existing content across to the new website before it goes public.

Get a fresh new look

Easily refresh your business branding by simply updating your old website design into a brand new design.

Select from the catalog

Get full access to all the new website designs available in the Fectiv Website Design Catalog.

We'll migrate your content

You can minimize valuable time by having your existing content moved into your brand new website design.

Follow the steps to start

Redesigning your old website is now easy. Buy the package, fill in a form and let your designer do the rest.

In case you’re asking

You get access to a website designer who will first install the new design and then migrate your content from your old website to your new website.

There is one standard redesign setup fee of $89.

On average redesign takes 10 days to complete depending on the complexity of the design.

Redesign isn’t the best option for you. We recommend you setup a new Fectiv website in the Fectiv platform and then copy content into the new website before we make it public.

No. All your emails will remain functional in your existing inbox and there will be no change to your email settings.