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Does it cost extra to access site admin?
No, it doesn’t cost anything extra to access your site admin and make updates anytime.

What admin system is this?
You’ll be using WordPress which is the most widely used site building platform in the world. 

Can I change any part of my website?
You sure can. After we complete the initial setup, you can login and update any part of your website.

Can I add ecommerce to my website?
Yes you can. The most widely used ecommerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. Plugin and sell.

Is WooCommerce ecommerce plugin free to use?
Yes. The basic plugin is free to use. This provides the ability to sell online for any start-up business. As your business grows you can opt for the premium add-on options for extra functionality. 

Can I add any type of WordPress plugin?
Yes you can. Add any type of plugin you like. As mentioned above, that includes adding ecommerce too.