To maintain your website security we recommend you regularly update your website and change your password.

How to Update Your Website

Updating your website means updating WordPress, your site’s Plugins and Themes. This is how you do it easily.

1. Login to your website admin

2. Visit WordPress Updates page by clicking “Dashboard”, then “Updates”.

3. To update WordPress: Click the “Update Now” button.

4. To update Plugins: Select “All Plugins”, then click “Update Plugins”

5. To update Themes: Click “Select All”, then click “Update Themes”

Note: Some updates may re-direct to another page. So to go back to the Updates page click “Dashboard”, then “Updates”.

How to Change Your Password

Changing to a secure password regularly is a great first step in always keeping your website secure.

1. Login to your website admin

2. Visit the “Users” page.

3. Click the “Edit” link, found under a user name.

4. In the profile page, under “Account Management”, click the “Set New Password” button.

5. Copy the new password into a safe place.

6. Click the “Update” button to save the new password.