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Camera Angles

The choice is yours.


You, your bio and social links in one single view.


Your photo comes first and makes the most impact.

Which angle is best for you?

Compare the camera angles and their impact.

Portrait mode combines instant visibility of your profile photo and your bio details. This functions well for avatar sketches and for portrait photos, giving your visitor everything they need to connect in one fast view. 

Landscape mode makes the biggest impact for photos. A photo with a background sets the mood. It’s the first thing your visitor sees and with a short brief scroll your bio and social contacts become readily available.

Powered by WordPress
All websites are powered by WordPress coding. You’re in good company, with over 30+ million customers using WordPress worldwide.

Site Admin for Updates
After we setup your website you’ll have site admin access. You can login anytime and make updates to any part of your website. Everything is within reach.

Free eCommerce Functionality
All Fectiv websites come installed with ecommerce powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce currently has 5+ million active users. eCommerce is free to use!

Domain, Website and Cloud
We ask that you buy your domain so that you have full proprietary ownership, we’ll connect your domain to your new website and provide cloud hosting.